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Here you will find Havelock Middle School's Exploratory & Encore website. Listed will be all Exploratory & Encore teacher's names, email, class websites and various other information you may need.

Exploratory & Encore Mission Statement

The Exploratory/Encore staff, in partnership with administrators, parents and other faculty members, will support core content areas by teaching Exploratory/Encore standard courses of study and integrating multidisciplinary content.

Please feel free to contact your child's teacher at anytime.  Exploratory & Encore teachers will make every effort to respond in 24 hours or less (except on weekends and holidays).

Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful school year!


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Myth: Exploratory & Encore Classes don't matter.  Grades are not important

Truth: Exploratory & Encore Classes are very important.  It is essential that all Exploratory & Encore classes be passed and class/home work must be done. Students can be retained if they do not pass their Exploratory & Encore Classes. 

Myth: Exploratory & Encore classes do not help. 

Truth: Exploratory & Encore Classes help students develop and expand their interests. They also help prepare students for high school courses and life.

Myth: Exploratory & Encore Classes don't give grades, only P for Passing and F for Failing. 

Truth: Exploratory & Encore Classes are on the 10 point scale.  Any work or activities are graded by the teacher.  If you have any questions about grading please ask the teacher. Progress Reports and Report Cards will be issued.  Additionally, students and parents may access powerschool daily to check on grades.

Myth: All Exploratory & Encore Classes are year-long classes. 

Truth: Some classes, such as band, are year-long.  Some classes such as P.E., Art, CTE & S.T.E.M. classes are semester-long courses. 

Myth: You will not need supplies for Exploratory & Encore Classes.

Truth: You will need supplies for each Exploratory & Encore Class.  Each Exploratory & Encore teacher will provide you with a supply list, generally during the first 2 weeks of the semester.  A "BY" date will also be given so the student knows when to have the supplies "BY".



  • Stacey Porter


  • Jeb Lamm


  • Anakin Pantoja


  • Ryan Lee

MTSS/Student Success

  • Cheryl Nelson

PE/Health & Athletic Director

  • Dianne Lewis 


  • Mary Sackie